Conventional Pail Palletizer

Modeled after the original drum palletizers with the addition of an up-stacker, these pail machines have been in service to lube oil and paint plants, as well as in food production facilities, since 1982. Custom designed to handle several different-sized pails (and square cases for the gypsum industry) in multiple patterns and pallet sizes on the same machine, at speeds up to 20+ pails per minute or 36 pails per minute with the Dual Stacking Pail Series 4400 palletizer. Like the drum palletizer before it, these pail machines set the industry standard for decades.


  • Rugged and reliable production, 3 shifts a day, year in, year out.
  • Flexibility to handle any steel or plastic pail in multiple sizes and patterns.
  • Modular design to fit your plant layout and maximize floor space.
  • Easy operation and maintenance, with virtually no machine or labor downtime.