Switchback Group

We are a manufacturer of several lines of packaging equipment including Top Load Trayformers, Closers for Cartons, End Load Cartoners, Case Packers, Pouching, Thermoforming and Labeling machines.

Switchback Group offers some of the most innovative and flexible End Load Cartoners and Case Packing equipment on the market. End Load machinery includes Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Intermittent Motion, Sleever and Hand Load style Cartoners. Wraparound, End Load and Robotic Top Load Case Packers are offered for packaging product into corrugated cases. Whatever your application in chipboard and corrugated, Switchback Group will offer a solution.

AC-5H Continuous Motion, Auto Load Cartoner

Sold by Lance Jacobs of Wagner Packaging Machinery to a customer in Houston Texas.

For more information please feel free to contact us at 972.385.9456