3FL Tri-Seal Closer

The Traycloser Model 3FL Right Angle Tri-Seal Closer provides an efficient, open and easy to maintain means of closing your tri-seal cartons. With a range up to 14" long and 8 1/2" wide, plus carton speeds up to 90 cpm, the model 3FL provides the flexibility and speed to cover a wide range of top-load cartoning applications.
The Easyglide one-piece folding shoe insures a gentle fold and a square edge to the glued flaps, and the Model 3FL can close both hooded and standard tri-seal cartons. The overhead belt assembly squares the lid at the top of the carton, where it is most critical, instead of at the bottom like most other tri-seal closers.

Roller compression reduces the drag on the carton and the skewing of the seal. Open architecture allows for simple machine service by providing easy access to tooling. Size changes are quick and simple, eliminating the need for special tools or training. Variable speed control with programmable ramp speeds, built-in jog, and hot melt application are also standard. Glue application patterns are available from a variety of controllers.