Model A-2200

The Model A-2200 offers package sizes from 2.5” x 3” to 12” x 20” and speeds up to 75 packages per minute, and can provide accurate, efficient packaging of pillow, gusseted, hole-punch, and custom containers.



Both supported laminate film and unsupported polyethylene stocks can be easily handled with film stock thickness up to 0.006”. Color touch screen controls provide easy setup, testing, and operation from self-explanatory screens and selections. Multiple recipes stored in memory can be used for each product,… filling amount,… or type. As with other All-Fill equipment, all machine and interface software performed 100% in house for continuous, assured service, support, and assistance.


The Model A-2200 is directly compatible with the entire line of filling equipment from All-Fill. No third party integration necessary. Design, manufacture, service, and support are all provided from a single point.