Bi Flow Accumulator


Whether your production line needs are small or massive, whether your product is heavy or lightweight, empty, full, hollow or solid, Garvey has a Bi Flo® solution. By utilizing opposing conveyor movement, Garvey's Bi Flo® is able to create a buffer for product accumulation in a small footprint. Through the use of specially designed guides and construction, product can be oriented, placed into a first-in first-out order, both or neither.

Bi Flo® Accumulation tables are designed to your plant's needs, and each can be created from a variety of drives, guides, infeed and outfeed locations and other options. Conveyor speeds can vary per your requirements, but and can be modified via built-in speed controls.

- Avoid damaging back pressure & line shut down.
- Product free-flows onto the table, constantly moving in two directions.
- Accumulate and store square, oval, round and rectangular containers, as well as product
   in a puck or fixture.
- Gain up to 30% additional output from your existing line.