Garvey Corporation's completely portable series 1550-II Gap Transporter is a versatile workhorse. With the slightest of adjustments, it can be used for gap transporting and conveying, depucking, elevating, spacing, label inspecting, and bottom coding and inspecting.

Common Uses
- Transportation of standing products, eliminating downed product and any debris
   (before reaching star wheels, screws, fillers, cappers, etc.)
- Transporting unstable product across a dead plate.
- Transporting freshly decorated or printed products that must not touch each other between
    printing and drying conveyors.
- Re-orienting cylindrical objects from lay-down to up-right, or vice versa.
- Removal of products from pucks or work holders.
- Inspection of product bottoms, markings and codings

Standard Specifications
- Head tilts either direction 20 degrees
- Accepts product 0 to 6 inches wide
- Adjustable elevation 24 to 44 inches
- Red alpha tex belt
- Spring loaded belt tracks
- D.C. speed control
- 1/4 H.P. D.C. gearmotor 0-120 F.P.M. with output torque of 90 lb./inch
- Plated steel drive sprockets
- All sprockets are keyed and setscrewed
- Heavy duty cast relube bearings
- Heavy duty automatic drive chain tensioner

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