Garvey's Grip Lifter fits within your existing conveyor line with ease due to its minimal footprint design. The vulcanized gripper surface opens or closes with a built in handwheel, from less than 1" to a maximum of 12" separation (wider units are available on special order). Infeed and outfeed elevations are designed to customer specifications, and product can be lowered or raised depending on requirements.

Description of Operation
This machine receives parts from the conveyor at random spacing and captures them on a continuous moving set of gripper chains. They are then lowered (or raised, depending on the configuration) to a discharge point where they are transferred onto a take-away conveyor.

Features & Specifications
- Modular construction
- Ball bushing double slide adjustment with single hand wheel for ease of adjustment
   and accurate pressure on product.
- Vulcanized grippers with integral anchors for extra long life
- Smooth quiet operation
- Torque overload protection