Model 300 Economy Case Packer

This case packer offers simplicity; integrated with durability at an economical price. This is a great case packer for small to average sized production rates at speeds to 15 cases per minute.

This series of case packers is offered in the "E" Series for round products or the "D" Series for non-round products

Standard Features Include:

  • Self-aligning stainless steel case guide top plate on case lift
  • Closed cell neoprene shock pad on case lift to reduce drop impact
  • Vertically mounted pneumatic case lift with up to 12" adjustable lift height
  • Pneumatic container agitator assembly for consistent       
    lane accumulation, and preventing lane jams
  • Stainless steel lane guides                                      
  • Allen-Bradley PLC controller
  • Simple operator controls
  • Dual pneumatic case brakes for on-demand case indexing
  • Easy-access, quick changeover capability
  • Powered case discharge
  • Safety interlocked Lexan guarding
  • Steel-it corrosion resistant paint
  • Two instruction / parts manuals
  • One packing head of your choice

For "D" Series, add to the above:

  • Acculane Servo Controlled Onboard Lane Divider assembly mounted on a 4' extended container conveyor to divide one incoming lane into 8 or less discharge lanes
  • Lane count, anti-jam, and lane back-up photo eyes