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REB / Quality Cup


 We design & manufacture piston fillers, depositors and liquid filling systems to meet specific product requirements. Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Rotary liquid fillers. We also manufacture cup filling and sealing.

Semi Automatic Piston Fillers & Depositors

REB has developed a complete line of semi automatic volumetric piston fillers and depositors, ranging from a single cylinder to multiple cylinder systems.

Our three standard models of semi automatic machines, the SVS-J, SVS and DVS can be modified to meet your specific application. Our semi automatic fillers are pneumatically powered.
They can be activated by a foot pedal (in manual mode,) or they can run continuously in automatic mode. All product contact parts are stainless steel or food grade plastics.
For convenience, the fillers have piston stroke adjustment scales for accurately setting the fill volumes.
Each machine comes complete with one product cylinder, one nozzle and a product hopper.