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A Full Service Manufacturer’s Representative of Packaging Machinery since "1949"

For the entire life of the organization, since 1949, it has operated as a manufacturer’s representative in the Southwestern part of the United States.

Representing major packaging machinery manufacturers both foreign and domestic.

The mission of our organization has always been sales and service of packaging machinery and automation.


The organization presents State-of-the-Art Packaging Solutions to our CUSTOMERS!!


We are Customer Focused and Solution Driven”

Area Covered:

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana & New Mexico

Brewers End of Line Packaging

Need help with your packaging?

This system is a great way to solve your labor costs when packaging beer bottles. We will simply erect your Carrier (4 or 6 pack), erect your Master Case, insert your empty Carrier into the Case, convey it to a manual bottle load station (can be upgraded at later date to auto-load), then take full case and automatically close and tape shut. SIMPLE.... Very small foot print, 10- 20 carriers per minute. On the slow side for a six pack you are looking at 60bpm, 2.5 cases per minute (24 bottles).

Please feel free to call us to discuss your needs.