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The SVS-J is our smallest piston filler, with a base of 19.5" by 9.5" and weighing approximately 35 LB. 

Interchangeable product cylinders range in size from .25 inches to 2 inches in diameter with a fill range from .2 to 8.5 fluid ounces. 

The SVS-J works well for lab use, start-up operation or small batch runs. 

The SVS-J has also been mounted on vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines. 

The SVS-J is used in many applications in the cosmetic, personal care and food industries.



SVS Filler.png

The SVS piston filler is the big brother to the SVS- J.

It has the same design features only on a larger scale and with heavier duty components. The SVS can be supplied as a table top unit (as shown) or mounted on an adjustable stainless steel pedestal.

The SVS can be supplied with additional interchangeable cylinder and piston assemblies to fill from fractional ounces to one gallon with a single machine cycle. 

The SVS also features a larger hopper and larger valve porting for filling chunky products such as potato salad and pie fillings. REB'S SVS provides accurate filling and depositing of products including pastes, frostings, gels, sauces, batters, oils and even thin liquids such as solvents.

We have designed and made many special types of dispensing nozzles for different applications, such as:

  • depositing a patty of sandwich spread bread

  • depositing a portion of burrito meat

  • dispensing BBQ sauce in a pouch

  • filling cubatainer bags with motor lubricants.






The DVS piston filler model is a dual cylinder machine. 

It has design features and pneumatic drive system are similar to the SVS. The DVS utilizes the REB end valve, with the product cylinder and dispensing valve in a single sanitary unit. 

The DVS is also capable of being supplied with large ported valves. 

The DVS can be supplied as a table top unit or fitted to an adjustable height stainless steel pedestal.





REB's IVS series of fillers and depositors can fill a very large range of products from thin solvents to thick gels and pastes to large particulated products such as potato salad and pie fillings. Fill sizes (on a single machine cycle) range from fractional ounces to 5 liters. All of our automated inline filling systems are supplied with positive closing nozzles and powered conveyors. The machine frames are all stainless steel and the product contact systems are stainless steel and food grade plastics. We have designed our product contact system using sanitary quick clamp fittings to allow operators easy disassembly. 

The IVS filling and depositing systems can be built to be expanded at a later date for increased production demands. 

The REB IVS series of automatic filling and depositing systems are available with a number of optional features:

  • Larger and Special Hoppers

  • Hopper Lifts

  • Agitated Hoppers

  • Multiple Stroke Fills

  • Interchangeable Product Cylinder and Piston Assemblies

  • Special Conveyors: "U" Shaped, Right Angle Turn or Raised Sanitary

  • Bottom-Up Filling Nozzle Assemblies

  • Touch Screen Operator Interface Controls

  • Container Neck Centering Mechanism

  • NEMA 7 Explosion Proof Electrical System

  • Heated Cabinets



ILS-A automatic-filling-system.jpg

REB offers level filling systems for pressure or gravity applications with our Model ILS series, available in configurations of 2 to 12 filling spouts and can accommodate container sizes ranging from ounces to multiple gallons. 

The ILS series of level fillers can handle products ranging from thin foamy products to heavier products with viscosities similar to shampoo. These systems fill to a specified level in rigid containers and are accurate to +/- 1/16" in fill height. 

The ILS features a stainless steel frame and the product contact system is made of stainless steel and USDA approved plastics. 

We offer a selection of pump configurations based on the type of products filled and the production rated required. 




ILS-M manual-filling-system.jpg

The ILS-M is a completely manual filling system with a container slide track instead of a power conveyor. The containers must be pushed in and out of the fill zone manually. The operator controls the movement of the nozzle spout bar and operation of the pump via manual switches and levers. The system is used for low volume, pilot runs, or situations which do not justify a fully automated system. 

Optional Features:

  • Container Neck Centering Device

  • Drip Tray

  • Sanitary Raised Conveyor 


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