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Glass bottle Repack Line. Unloading, washing, drying, case erecting and closing with glue.


Shipping cartons are delivered to your plant "knocked-down" or flat and must be opened for loading. While this seems simple enough on the surface, finding the most efficient way to erect cases often is not. The  MAXIMUM Series Automatic Case Erectors are a cost-effective alternative to hand forming or using cumbersome machines.

They offer unique performance capabilities including:

• Speeds up to 15 cases per minute of rectangular or square cases in RSC, HSC, OR  CSSC styles

• Operator-friendly design allows for rapid case-size changeover in minutes

• 100 KD case magazine designed for easy loading during machine operation

• Choice of sealers including pressure-sensitive tape or hot-melt glue adhesive

• "On-Demand" operation standard for total control of erected case output

• Intuitive operation makes start-up and training easy

• Accommodate the widest range of rectangular, square, RSC, HSC, and CSSC     style cases

• Optional casters offer true portability for machine placement inside your plant

CASE SEALER Tape or Glue

For applications where previously erected cases are loaded with product and automated case closing and sealing is required. Features include:

• Plug-in Operation – No operator assistance needed

• Dual Masts with twin lead screws for stability

• Precise Top and Bottom sealing

• Front, Back and Side Flaps Automatically Folded

• Side Mounted Compression Rollers for tight seals

• Heavy Duty Side-Belt Drives ensure square cases

• Adjustable Leg Supports

• Easy case-size change-over – two crank handles

• Piranha Tape Heads for accurate and consistent sealing


The TT30 is capable of speeds up to 25 Carriers per minute. We offer an affordable and efficient way of carrier erecting. 

This Table Top Carrier Erector allows for easy accommodation into any line without taking up valuable space! The TT30 has quick change-over capability with consistency and ease of operation!


The CES25 opens and erects beverage carriers and inserts them into your master carton. The CES25 can handle both 4 and 6 packs with a quick and easy change over.
With a smooth flow from the Carrier Erector to the Carrier Inserter empty carriers are easily inserted into pre-formed master cases.
The CES25 equipment line will increase profitability in either small or large companies erecting up to 25 carriers per minute.
Wagner Packaging also offers Case Erectors and Case Sealers to fully automate your entire packaging line


Whether your production line needs are small or large, Garvey has a Bi-Flo solution to fit your needs. By utilizing opposing conveyor movement, the Bi-Flo creates a buffer for product accumulation in a small footprint.

Garvey’s Bi-Flo Accumulation Tables can be designed in a wide variety of constructions and infeed/outfeed combinations to fit your company’s needs. Construction varies from stainless or painted steel, to clean-line or open top, just to name a few. Infeed and outfeed lanes/areas can be designed in many configurations making Garvey’s Bi-Flo the perfect choice for your accumulation needs.

The Multizone Bi-Flo was designed to feed a case packer with multiple products. It does so using only one accumulator, rather than multiple, enabling valuable floor space to be efficiently utilized. This machine was designed for the food industry using FDA Grade raised wearstrips and other features for easy cleaning.

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