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ALTECH is an Italian company which manufactures industrial labeling machines and material identification systems, distributing them in over 50 countries around the world.  ALTECH pressure sensitive labeling machines, so adaptable, flexible, dependable and efficient, are the result of the company’s curiosity, open-mindedness, and smartness. A company that, for over 20 years now, has invested in qualified people and resources to enhance the “Advanced Labeling Technologies” it was named after: ALTECH.



ALritma is a high-performance pressure-sensitive label applicator designed to be integrated into packaging lines in which production speed and reliability are the primary requirements. ALritma labelers are based on an innovative mechanical structure which matches strength with versatility.
It is available in three versions, S, M and L, for label widths up to 100, 200 and 300 mm (4, 8 and 12") respectively. The label driving group has been designed to exploit the stepper motor's features to the full, by guaranteeing accurate label positioning even at the highest production speeds. Web threading has been made even easier with side access.
The label applicator is controlled by a powerful microprocessor, with a touchscreen display which allows advanced functions to be run by relieving the operator from complicated mechanical adjustments, considerably speeding up format changeovers.

More specifically, the following functions are available:

  • • Pre-dispensing adjustment in tenths of mm (1/250")

  • • Speed adjustment in 0.1 m (4") /min increments

  • • Labeling delay adjustment in mm (1/25")

  • • Acceleration/deceleration ramp adjustment

  • • Storage of different labeling formats

  • • Automatic recovery of missing labels

  • • Progressive and regressive pieces counter

  • • Automatic removal of double detection

  • • Shift register between product sensor and label-positioning point

  • • Web break alarm and end-of-roll alarm

  • • Contact for connection to other systems


The characteristic feature of ALritmaT labelers is the possibility to integrate all SATO thermal-transfer printing systems (as well as DATAMAX and ZEBRA), allowing printing in real-time of batches, sell-by dates, bar codes, progressive numbering, graphics etc., as well as identification and decoration of products by opening up an extremely wide range of options.



ALRITMA X is fitted with an enlarged 400-mm (16") diameter unwinding unit and an oversized rewinder unit for silicone paper, increasing range and minimizing downtime. It can reach label-feed speeds of up to 40 m/min (130'/min) thanks to a powerful new stepper-motor driver board and is available for label widths of 100 mm (4") and 200 mm (8"). The ALritma X advanced version is fitted with an HP (high-performance) kit composed of a silicone-paper motorized rewinder unit as well as an innovative “push-pull” label web-drive system. In this configuration the unit can reach 90 m (300') /min at a rate of 900 labels/min, with high positioning accuracy even with variation of the product transit speed. This version is especially well adapted to large workloads, such as on rotary labelers, particularly in applications using printers/markers with their checking devices.

Numerous technological innovations are incorporated in the ALritma X, the result of ALTECH's experience with over 5,000 ALritma units manufactured to date.
These include:

  • Easy-insert paper system (with cantilevered rollers)

  • Compact size (even with a 400 mm (16") unwind unit), dual-action pre-unwinding system

  • Push-pull drive system

  • Compact rewinder unit for silicon paper with brushless motor and gear motor mounted in the unwinder plate

  • Silicone-paper removal system integrated in the paper drive disc

  • Near-end-of-reel and rewinder-full indicators with new ultrasound sensors

  • Reel-blocking system with an expansion mandrel

  • IP55-rated machine body

  • Compact control box with touchscreen interface


The ALline labeling systems are automatically-operated in-line systems which can be configured for the labeling of cylindrical, elliptical or rectangular products; moreover, they can suit specific requirements, such as the application of tamper-proof seals or labelling of singularly shaped products.
All ALline linear labellers have equally been designed according to cutting edge designing criteria which, in strict compliance with CE regulations, make every machine suitable for even the harshest of conditions, guarantee great labelling accuracy even at high production speeds and feature a high degree of operator-friendliness, as the start and change-over operations are particularly simple and intuitive.
In more detail, ALline is based on the "built-in" philosophy, which means that all components are "included" in the structure/cabinet, well protected against dirt and accidental bumps. The cobalt blue (or stainless steel) structure is extremely sturdy and, thanks to its eye-catching design, it qualifies the whole packaging line.

The control panel is located in an upper position, well protected against washing liquids or product loss. In standard configurations, the optional safety cabinet perfectly fits into the basic structure, thus sealing the ceiling; its pantograph style doors are extremely ergonomic and considerably reduce the footprint.
The completely internal cable path guarantees simpler cleaning, improved protection as well as a cleaner design.
The microprocessor-controlled format change-over is coupled with minimum mechanical adjustments, which have been engineered so that every component can be repeatedly positioned in a simple and reliable manner and firmly secured during its operations.



ALline C is configured to apply wrap-around labels to cylindrical products, usually glass or metal jars and bottles containing foodstuff, as well as chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in plastic, glass or metal vials. Its compact base may be equipped with a side labelling head of the ALstep or ALritma series. With regard to products handling, ALline C can be fitted with several kinds of slats and belt conveyors, featuring different sizes.


ALline E has been configured to apply two front/back labels to elliptical or rectangular products, generally food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products in plastic, glass or metal bottles and jars. Its basement can be fitted with two opposing side ALritma heads.



Print & Apply.png

ALcode TS is a print & apply unit with a separate control box housing a touchscreen panel. 

The panel can be positioned and oriented in the most convenient position, and technical support is also made easier as the electronics are housed in the control box.

The touchscreen control system controls the label applicator's operational logic, and offers the following functions:

  • Configuration of the operation cycle (depending on installed applicator)

  • Management of labeling delay

  • Management of additional delays in the application cycle (e.g. print delay), on the basis of the application characteristics

  • Ability to invert the operational logic

  • Storage of 40 different formats (label application recipes)

  • Management of optional checking devices (label on pad, scanner, etc.)

  • Management of alarms, with on-screen display and reset function

  • Switch between Manual and Automatic mode.



Conceived for labeling vials, ampoules and small bottles, labeling is performed from tray to tray, “in-the-star-wheel”. Speed, up to 150 pcs/minute


  • Hot-foil overprinting or thermal-transfer printing

  • Near end-of-reel and full-rewinder monitoring

  • Near product monitoring

  • Barcode checking

  • Sensors to check for correct/performed overprinting, with print mark reading or camera

  • Sensors to check that labeling has been correctly performed, with luminescence sensors or camera

  • Expulsion of rejected products with check that expulsion has occurred and rejects box full monitoring

  • Management of formats, alarms history and rejects.


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