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Modular Unscramblers



Our unscramblers are designed and manufactured on a single frame with fixed change parts to ensure quick and easy "tool-less" changeovers. They utilize our proven "starwheel" orientation system to deliver consistent and accurate bottle discharge onto conveyors and ramps or directly into pocket wheels, timing screws and pucks. 
Thanks to the modular design, each Palace unscrambler can be easily configured and upgraded to ensure the right end solution. We currently offer 7 different modular unscrambler systems, including:

  • Horizontal unscramblers

  • Compact unscramblers

  • Low profile unscramblers

  • Heavy duty unscramblers

  • Linear unscramblers

  • Vertical feed unscramblers

  • Integrated unscramblers

Our unscramblers can be customized for nearly any application, feeding more than just bottles. Options include:

  • Full coverage enclosures

  • Ionized air rinsers

  • Vacuum collection systems

  • Touchscreen controls

  • Stainless steel framework

  • AC drives

  • Class 100 operations (with autoclavable contact parts)

Decades of engineering and testing have enabled us to produce unscramblers that are easy to understand, operate and maintain, and are guaranteed to deliver years of trouble and technician-free operation.

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