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Customizable depending on your application needs, for use in theFood & Snack, Grain and Milling, and Powder & Bulk industries. Tunnel style metal detectors can be used to inspect raw foods or for final inspection in a packaging line, to ensure there is no metal in the product before shipping to the customer.

meTRON™ 05 & 07 CI

Tunnel style, closed loop, integrated controls (CI) metal detector for use in conveyors, chutes and troughs.

•     Stainless steel search heads can resist high pressure cleaning and the use of aggressive cleansing agents.
•     Epoxy filled search head is water proof and isolates the coils from vibration.
•     Exclusive construction delivers the smallest metal free zone possible, while shielding the search head from outside interference.
•     Constructed in Epoxy Painted IP54 (05 Controls) or Stainless Steel IP66 or IP69K (05 or 07 Controls).
•     Custom aperture sizes available, ensuring the perfect fit in your application.
•     Available with remote mounted controls.
•     ATEX Explosion Proof Rating Available.




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