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Collaborative & Robotic Palletizing

 Apex motion control designs and builds turn key collaborative and industrial robotic palletizing solution for 
everything from stacking boxes and bread trays to large industrial settings for milk jug crate stacking. 

Our experience in robotic palletizing within strict footprint guidelines spans over 20 years — collaborative palletizing is perfect 
for jobs that require small footprints, while industrial palletizing requires dedicated safe zones iin larger footprint allocations.

Benefits and Features:

   Collaborative or industrial palletizing options  .  Reduces repetitive strain to workers and increases work safety  .  
Standard and custom palletizing solutions  .  Increase productivity and consistency  .  User friendly

Flexi-Bot & Flexi-Bot MAX
The do everything cobots

The Flexi-Bot and Flexi-Bot MAX are collaborative robots that are designed, built and assembled at our facilty in B.C, Canada.  We purposely designed these cobots to meet the demands of modern industrial food production.

Capabilities Checklist

  • Tray Management

  • Palletizing

  • Primary and secondary packaging

  • Depositing, filling and spraying

Flexi-Bot MAX added benefits:

  • Increased payload of 44lbs (20kg)

  • Increased reach of 67″

  • Pallet height capacity of 89″

  • Well-suited for demanding industrial tasks

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