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  • Case Sealer seals both top and bottom with pressure sensitive tape and a cost effective price! Fast and easy case-size change-over, adjust able leg extensions and Piranha Tape Heads for accurate and consistent sealing! Lightweight packages? No problem, we can seal empty boxes

AB Sealer.jpg


  • Case sealers automatically close and seal shipping cases with tape or adhesive to protect case contents for transport, storage and shipping. These automatic machines offer a reliable and cost-effective alternative to manual case sealing.


  • In an age when even packaging machines are disposable, A-B-C still builds case sealers that last, crafted from heavy gauge steel with top quality components. For over 73 years, quality and performance have made A-B-C case sealers the industry standard for all your case sealing needs.  Today we’re setting new standards with case sealers for your real-world production demands, today and in the future

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